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What We Value

  • Integrity

    How a business is structured and operates matters. To us, doing the right thing for your customers and employees is always more important than money.

    No. 01
  • Candor

    We value honesty and straight forward discussions. While some discussions are tough to have, it’s better to address them and move forward.

    No. 02
  • Service

    Technology and automation will never replace the need to provide good old fashion service to the people you do business with. We believe that, as the world becomes more automated, the companies who provided the best service will win.

    No. 03
  • Simplicity

    Real estate and property management can be complex businesses. We think that, streamlining operations on the backend so that it simplifies things on the front-end, is a winning formula.

    No. 04
  • Growth

    We value growth; scalable growth to be specific. Why? Because it unlocks new capabilities for our customers and opportunities for our employees.

    No. 05
  • Laughter

    Work without fun is, well, not fun. We genuinely value creating an environment that is fun, enjoyable and filled with great people.

    No. 06

Who We Are

We’re a collection of individuals; driven to provide the absolute best experience for our customers.

Jason Picht

Partner, Broker

Amanda Bruce

Office Manager

Caroline Boccaccio

Caroline Boccaccio

Sales Associate

Donna Jean

Property Manager

Mike Rogers

Mike Rogers

Maintenance Technician

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