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Sales Associate

Caroline Boccaccio
Caroline Boccaccio

Caroline began working for Holland & Picht in 2022 as a Sales Associate. As an extrovert, her passion is helping people; therefore she is focused on improving buyer / seller experience and creating a positive environment for all.

Prior to taking on her role at Picht & Sons, Caroline worked as a Professional Photographer and as a Recruiting Director. As a result of these positions, she gained a seasoned perspective on working with people, along with experience in marketing, management, and sales.

She earned her degree from Florida State University in 2009. After spending some time in Tampa, she relocated back to Tallahassee with her husband and two sons. 

As a people person through and through, Caroline enjoys spending her time with friends and family. You can find her socializing in dinner and book clubs, utilizing her photography skills, creating, crafting and volunteering.

To connect with Caroline reach out via email or follow along with her on Instagram @carolineboccaccio_realtor for real estate tips and listings.