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Property Management

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A Tallahassee Real Estate and Property Management Company

Professional Property Management

Whether you have a single rental unit or you’re an experienced investor, you want to maximize the return you get from your rental property and we can help.

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Simplified Pricing

Property management is notorious for nickel and diming Owners. Our pricing structure is simplified and geared towards aligning with the Owner’s interest.

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Eviction Guarantee

If we fill a unit with a tenant, and that tenant gets evicted because they haven’t paid rent, we’ll cover the cost for our Attorney to process the eviction.

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Cancel Anytime

Most property management companies will charge unhappy Owners a fee to cancel their agreement. We think that’s just bad business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you manage evictions?

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Yes – absolutely.

While evictions are never fun, it’s a critical component of the property management process that has to be done with both consistency and compassion.

Is it worth hiring a property manager?

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We may be a bit biased, but we also think the math makes financial sense.

Regardless of who you choose to manage your properties, make sure you completely understand their fee structure and the services they provide.

Should I create a LLC for a rental property?

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This is a complicated and personal question that you should consult an Attorney with.

Generally speaking, though, it’s typically only worth the headache if you already have a meaningful amount of wealth built; or you’ve acquired 10+ units.

What is your service area?

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At the moment, we currently serve Tallahassee and the immediate surrounding area.

If you have an interesting project, though, and think that we could potentially help, we’d love to hear about it.

Will you charge a fee if I cancel?

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While this is a fairly common practice in the space, we believe that charging an unhappy client a fee to get out of their management agreement is just bad business.

Do you perform routine inspections?

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And, yes, we REALLY perform the routine inspections.

Every quarter, a property manager will visit the property and conduct an inspection. That detailed inspection is documented electronically and can be made available upon request.

What people are saying

“Worked with Jason Picht on the purchase of a new home and renting out my former residence. As you can imagine, that is a rather involved process. Jason had us at every step. Very attentive, informed and excellent communication”

— Curtis Leonard

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